Name is Sales… Luis Sales. Family Man, IT Guy, Technology Geek, Aviation Lover and Photographer. Currently living with my family in Pembroke Pines, beautiful Florida.

I always enjoyed taking pictures, but when my wife gifted me my first DSLR, a Nikon D7000, some years ago, that’s when I really got the “fever”.

I’ve learned much over the years and still continue to learn. That’s one of the many great things about Photography: You never stop learning.

I compare the pictures I take now with the ones I took at the beginning, several years ago, and I can say that I’ve learned a thing or two. Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn in the years to come!

What do I like to shoot?

Well, everything! I think that anything around us can be a source of Inspiration for Photography. That’s why I shoot anything that captures my attention.

Except for people... I have this “psychological” thing about portraits, people, dealing with different personalities… I just really don’t enjoy it. So, please, never ask me to shoot people.

I do favor Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife but my favorite subject, above all, is Aviation. I just love Aviation, Airplanes, anything around it.

You can find me on Instagram, as @theluissales.

I hope you enjoy my Photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Thanks for visiting!

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